Dave Smith Comedy Night (+dinner & live pod)

We’re going to have a blast. Dave Smith & Robbie the Fire are in town and doing a comedy show & live podcast, and we will attend!

But not before getting together to hang out and have dinner at Adobo Grill, right around the corner from the comedy club.

Please RSVP so I can reserve a table in advance. Make sure you pick up your comedy and live podcast (separate tickets) tickets ahead of time:

This is the APRIL 30 show, not the April 28-29 shows.

Join us!


We Take on Klaus Schwab!

“Know thy enemy.”

-Sun Tzu, probably

We’re reading and discussing Klaussie’s book The Fourth Industrial Revolution. And chatting, and generally having a good time.

Riveredge Park is in walking distance from the train station for you Chicago folks! In the event of rain we will not reschedule but switch to a nearby coffee shop or restaurant.

Location: Riveredge Park, Aurora, IL
Time: 1PM August 27th


Hoppe Meetup in Chicago!

One of our wonderful members, Max, is hosting a book club in a couple weeks. We’ll be discussing The Private Production of Defense and promoting some not-yet-anarchists to the lauded position of “real libertarian”. Knowledge of the material is encouraged, though reading not necessarily required. 


Eris Brewery and Cinderhouse 

4240 W Irving Park Road

Chicago, IL

Date/Time: August 10th/6pm

Hope to see you there!

P.S. As always, if you have suggestions for future meetups, or would like to host one yourself, hit me up!

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Dave Smith/Robbie the Fire Comedy Night!

We’ll be meeting up for dinner at 7 prior to Dave Smith and Robbie the Fire’s set at 9pm. Join us for a blast of a night!



Our meeting point is at 90 Miles Cuban Cafe for dinner!

2540 W Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

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Tom Woods Supporters Meetup!

A group of Tom Woods Supporters has invited us to meet up with them and hang for a while! Join us!

April 16 @ 1pm

Park Tavern
5433 Park Place
Rosemont, IL

RSVP recommended but not required:


Game night!

Join us for a fun night with a mix of fun party games, board games, vidya games, snacks, and discussion!

Location is DUNGEON CAT GAMING in Glen Elyn.

April 30th @5pm.

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Taco night!

Do you hate the state? Do you love tacos?

Boy, do I have an event for you.

We’re getting together for fun discussion and tacos. I don’t know how to sell it better. Join us!

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